Apr 6, 2013
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Breast Enlargement Without Surgery – Why Breast Implants are Risky

Having larger breasts is something that many women dream about, but very few ever follow through with this desire. The main reason for this is that women believe it is far too expensive to have their breasts enlarged. This is certainly true if one follows the traditional methods of enlargement – implants. The cost of breast implants normally does not start under $10,000; but often it is considerably more than this amount. It’s little wonder then that most women are simply not in a position to undertake such a procedure or simply do have the confidence to do so.

You may have heard about the possible complications involved in having breast implants. There are more risks than most people are aware of and whilst most women will not experience any complications, the ones who do often regret having the procedure done at all.

So what are the risks of having cosmetic breast implants? Many women are simply not aware that this procedure does carry risks and possible complications, and that there are many women out there who have undergone breast implants but have suffered terrible consequences as a result of either the procedure not being done correctly, or some sort of complication down the line weeks, months or years after the implants have been inserted.

Risks and Complications of Breast Implants

One of the most important risks associated with having breast implants is that the sensation and feel of the breast and nipple can change. Breast pain is also a risk and a problem that some women experience.  But by far the most concerning is the risk of rupture of both silicone implants and saline filled implants. Having the procedure done by a very experienced and reputable surgeon will minimize this hazardous risk, however there is never a one hundred percent guarantee that it won’t occur.

The FDA states that 1% of women experience one of the follow complications at any time. Sometimes another surgery is required to treat them, but in some cases a non-surgical option may be available. Some of these complications include deflation, extrusion, asymmetry, pain, hematoma, inflammation, necrosis, wrinkling, rupture, rash, bruising, sagging, infection, and deformity of the breast wall.

Other Facts About Breast Implants

Many people are not aware that a breast implant is not meant to be a procedure that results in a permanent state of breast improvement. The FDA states that the longer a women has the breast implants present, the higher the chance that complications will result in the necessary removal of the implants or that additional surgical procedures will need to be carried out at some point. Some of these possible future procedures include removing excess scar tissue, draining a hematoma, a repositioning of the implant itself, or completely removing the implant for any reason (and it might or might not be replaced with a new implant).

Up to 20% of women who have breast implants for the purpose of enhancing and enlarging their breasts will have the implants taken out within 10 years, according to the FDA. If new implants are not inserted at this time, the woman can experience a range of aesthetic complications of the natural breasts, including undesirable sagging and dimpling.

Triactol One of the most concerning of all risks associated with breast implants is the rupture of the implant itself. This is when a hole or a tear occurs on the implant which results in a balloon like effect whereby the internals of the implant, such as saline, is able to leak out. Silicone gel implants can also rupture, and this thicker substance could get into the scar tissue surrounding the implant. In all cases, the ruptured implant must be removed.

Another issue to consider with breast implants is the affect it can have on future breastfeeding. Some women with implants are able to breastfeed whilst others can not. Additionally, not enough data is available to determine whether the silicone from the implant could be potentially harmful to a nursing child.

So with all of these issues in mind surrounding breast implant procedures, more and more women are looking into natural breast enhancement and enlargement, in order to avoid some of the very real and potentially severe risks and costs associated with implants. How can you achieve fuller, firmer and larger breasts without undertaking an implant with the associated risks? Breast enlargement without surgery is more possible now than ever before. With non-invasive natural solutions like Triactol, it is now possible to completely forego the expensive and often dangerous breast implant route.

The makers of Triactol have discovered and trademarked a compound called MiroFirm which is based on a herb. The properties of this compound combine to result in natural firming, lifting and enlarging of the breasts through the application of the serum, and without invasive, expensive and potentially risky breast implant surgery.

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